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the sound of a middle ground

Grey is my name and I am the songwriter/artist and driving force behind the Washington, DC band the Grey A. 2014 will feature the release of the debut album from the Grey A that is titled My Country.

The 11 song record features all original material, written in isolation, yet performed with the help of talented Nashville friends of all stripes. 

Recorded on Center Hill lake in Middle Tennessee and produced & engineered by Phantom Farmer, the Grey A's sound is rich, glowing with shimmering color and earwigs galore.

While the music employs a folk/pop style, it's edgy, with lyrics that comment on occurrences that affect our daily lives, attempted without arguing a position for the left or the right. The term "grey a" is used to describe those who identify as neutral or asexual.

From  climate change to corruption, from partisanship to understanding evolution & the universe, this is catchy, uplifting, moody music for complicated times. 

With influences ranging from Neil Finn(Crowded House) to Neil Young this is the new sound of a middle ground.